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Best Tips to Get Your First Job

This is it! The moment that you’ve been waiting for. You’re finally one step closer to your dreams. You will finally bid farewell to your quizzes, projects, and thesis (Yey!). All the tears and sweat you exert in school for years has finally paid off. Now, you are ready to conquer another journey. You are ready to take new challenges and experience in the industry. We know for sure that during your first job hunting, you’ll have anxiety and excitement. Keep in your mind that it is normal to feel that way. To help you in your job hunt journey, we list down below the following steps to help you in your job search.

Have an Updated Resume

A resume is a narrative way of telling yourself. It tells every detail about your personality, skills, and achievements. The recruitment team will first look at how you creatively make your resume. In order to get the position you want, you must include every qualification that you have in your resume. Be creative and specific in your resume. State only the information that highlights your strengths and qualities in the position that you want to apply. Avoid any grammatical error and typo. Make sure that you have proofread your resume. There are websites that can be accessed online to help you with your grammar and spelling. It is better also to let your friend or any person that can proofread your resume to avoid mistakes.

Search for Job Ads

There are a lot of job opportunities around the world. Companies would post their job hiring in the newspaper, website, social media, and job fair. There are also online jobs that you can apply to if you want to work from home and become a freelancer. The following list below are some of the online sites that you can access for your job search:







Career One Stop



People per Hour

Each site that mentioned above posts job hire regularly. Just make sure that you will seek a position that will suit your skills and qualifications. Don’t apply for a job that far away from your field and expertise. Be confident enough to apply for a position that will improve your skills and would give a great contribution to the company.

Prepare For the Interview

Finally, you apply for the job then you get an invitation to your interview. The interview is one of the greatest things that you will experience in your job hunting. You’ll meet the hiring personnel and other job hunters like you. But, you don’t have to worry about your interview because it is your opportunity to speak with the hiring recruitment team and convince them about your ability. Speak with confidence and integrity to the person that will interview you. You have to emphasize further what was written in your resume. Don’t speak a lot like you’re telling your whole life journey till you graduate. You must be specific and concise when you share it to them.